Our Development Services

MDC offers a special focus on development opportunities at high profile intersections and in the central cores of suburban downtowns where the challenge is to design distinctive structures in harmony with existing surroundings.

Excellence is clearly the hallmark of MDC in the way the firm handles all aspects of real estate development. At the very conception of any project, there is paintstaking care given to each and every detail. Comprehensive consideration is given to the total impact of the project – how it will impact the immediate neighborhood and town to the entire suburban area. There is special attention paid to how the project will ultimately impact the environment – both today and in decades to come. A recent development, Springbrook Prairie Pavilion, is an award-winning, LEED-certified (silver) project that seeks to protect the environment and at the same time is an aesthetically pleasing center, a community gathering spot for all of Naperville.

Aspects of development where MDC has proven expertise include:

  • Site searches and land purchase negotiations
  • Project cost and cash flow projections
  • Municipal approval coordination
  • Design and construction contract negotiations
  • Construction and permanent financing coordination
  • Leasing and marketing coordination
  • Full property management services

MDC coordinates outside professional services with architects, engineers, planners, contractors, mortgage bankers, attorneys, real estate brokers and artists.

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